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Anna Campos

Global Director, Finance & Administration

Anna Campos is an experienced leader with extensive expertise in nonprofit management and governance. For more than 15 years, she has managed the A to Z of finance and administration for national and global nonprofits, encompassing HR & payroll, governance, IT, procurement, and property management.

Throughout her career, Anna has led organizational transformations in these functions and their associated systems, helping to better position organizations to deliver on evolving goals and achieve international growth.

Prior to joining Pathways International, Anna worked at Cooperation Canada, where she established her reputation in the development sector by spearheading transformative initiatives as the Head of Administration. Anna brings an international perspective to her management responsibilities, having previously worked for the American Consulate General in Jerusalem and the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Anna is multilingual, fluent in English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Spanish, and has some proficiency in Turkish and Arabic. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and French Literature from Tel Aviv University, as well as an Advanced University Degree (DESS) in Public Administration from the University of Quebec.

Anna is based in Portugal.