Lukas Trotzer

Lukas Troetzer

Director, Europe

Lukas Troetzer is a strategist and social entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience working with leading philanthropies and nonprofits dedicated to transformative change, with a special focus on migrants and refugees.

Before joining Pathways International, Lukas was a Global Program Manager at Porticus, the organisation that professionally coordinates the philanthropic activities of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners. In this role he led critical work in the organization’s “People on the Move” and “Criminal Justice” portfolios, developing numerous programs centred around those who are marginalised and exploited as they migrate, and those who are dehumanised and denied dignity through incarceration. This included the design and implementation of a multi-year program on protection pathways for refugees, with grants and partnerships in more than 10 countries.

Prior to his career in philanthropy, Lukas worked at the German Bundestag (Parliament) and at Internationale Politik, Germany’s leading foreign affairs magazine, which is published by the German Council on Foreign Relations. He also spent a year as a human rights observer in the Philippines, accompanying and supporting human rights defenders.

Lukas holds a Master’s Degree in political science and has studied in Muenster, Bonn, and Washington, D.C.

Lukas is based in Germany.